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Trust Herb Vibez Customers

Amara, TX

"Everything is phenomenal... from the Sea Moss gel to the capsules.


I suffer from horrible eczema and various other health issues and my skin has never looked better. There is no more mucus build up. I'm at a loss for words. Thank you so much."


Alice, VA

"I recommend this herbalist to anyone who desires to live a holistic lifestyle. I trust her over any doctor trying to push prescribed meds."

She is gifted at her craft, her personality will feel your spirit and she does this out of love for people. Any doctor can prescribe but she wants your healing. Thank you for opening your doors and heart to my situation."


Gloria, NJ


"Because of your products and knowledge, I made it through hip replacement surgery with absolutely no pain, no swelling, and no need for a walker. All of the pain medications the doctor prescribed are still in the sealed unopened CVS bag - never had to use any.

I went for my follow-up appointment recently and had the bandage removed. I am so amazed by how good the incision looks. Dr. Mia, I just want to say Thank you!"

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